7 BEST Data Entry Work From Home Jobs! Up To $21 Per Hour! No Phone Required!

I’m going to share with you seven data entry work from home jobs. These are non-phone opportunities and perfect for all the folks who hate being on a phone! So let’s go ahead and get into all the details!

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    The first company that I’m going to share is called Conduent. Now, you’re probably familiar with Conduent because they typically have a lot of customer service phone-based roles, but they actually shared a data entry opportunity a few months back.

    This role pays about $128 per day! It is no phone and no experience friendly! In this full-time data entry role, you’ll provide production services to client operations by performing administrative tasks such as data entry, document processing and scanning. They offer paid training and benefits! This job is available in the U.S. and it didn’t mention any state restrictions so as long as you’re in the U.S., you should be good to apply!

    Number two on this list comes from a company called Change Healthcare. This opportunity pays about $100 per day! In this full-time data entry job, you’ll be responsible for data entry maintenance of material from source documents to a computer connected terminal. They also offer great benefits and this role is available in the U.S.

    This Lead comes from a furniture company called F Schumacher and Co. They have a data entry work from home job that pays anywhere from $11 – $17 per hour according to what I can find on their Glassdoor.

    For this full-time job for this textiles and furniture company, you will compile, verify accuracy and sort data according to priorities to prepare source data to import. You must have expert-level excel experience and this is available in the U.S.

    Now, a little tip here, because that’s what I do! If you are someone who loves to do data entry, you absolutely need to be the best typist in town. You’re only using your typing skills in these roles, so if you are not good with typing and have the best typing speed and you’re not accurate, you definitely want to practice and you need to be an Excel Wiz as this lead points out. Don’t think you’re going to get hired for one of these awesome data entry opportunities if you’re a novice at Excel. They will not teach you those skills. You gotta SHOW UP with those skills.

    If that’s you, then check out F Schumacher and Co.!

    Number four on this list is a company called Envision Radiology! They have a non-phone data entry opportunity that pays about $664 per week! In this data entry opportunity, you will work full time and you’ll enter, update and verify patient referral data into various systems for use by all personnel. It’s available in limited U.S. states: Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Utah, Washington, Nebraska, Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri, Idaho and Wisconsin. 

    If you’re in one of those states, then this lead would be available for you! It’s also a great opportunity if you’re also a health care lover, so you get to do a non-phone, healthcare position that’s really going to make a huge difference in someone’s life if you get hired at Envision Radiology!

    Number five on this list comes from a science company called Myriad Genetics. They have a data entry opportunity that’s high paying. It’s gonna pay you about $3,432 per month!

    This opportunity is full time, and in this role, you’ll ensure timely processing of every patient’s case to enable Myriad to provide support to patients. Each data specialist is a significant contributor to the company’s high throughput workflow, and an integral part to operations.

    They also offer great benefits and it’s available U.S. wide! If you are interested in healthcare, scientific and data entry, check out Myriad Genetics!
  3. and 7.  BAIRES DEV

    Coming in at number six and seven to finish off this list of the seven best data entry work from home jobs are two different non-phone roles from Baires Dev.

    These two positions are really awesome because this company allows you to work anywhere! They have some really awesome benefits such as providing equipment and giving you English and Spanish language lessons as this company is based in South America! They hire globally and allow you to work globally! Since they have such really awesome benefits, they also have high standards!

    They even say in the lead that they are looking for the top one percent (1%) of talent so you really have to bring it with Baires Dev!