If I Needed a Job in 2023, I’d Do This…

If you can get these 3 things right, you’ll get hired to work from home and you’ll ditch the commute for good.

The advice I’m going to provide takes into account my last 7 years of experience working from home, and I’m going to condense it into a 3-part framework that I’d follow if I were to look for a remote job completely from scratch.

I call this my Ready To Work From Home Blueprint, and I’ve taught this system to over a 1000 students in my digital courses over the last 5 years.

There are 3 steps to this framework.

Step 1- Get Clarity
Step 2- Get Your Materials
Step 3- Get Going

Step 1- Get Clarity

If you’re new to working from home and you’re starting completely from scratch, you need to start with the first step, get clarity.

It’s tempting to skip this step because surface level, it doesn’t seem to contribute to your overall experience getting hired or not. But it’s actually the first most important step you take when working from home because there are a lot of different companies and options when it comes to remote work.

In fact, there are some many different companies and opportunities, that I started keeping track of them all and that’s how my Mega List of Jobs on my website came about. It’s really a list of companies that I’ve discovered that hire you to work from home and, as of now, there are 485 companies and growing on this list. And I find new companies every single week (and by the way, if you want to check out the Mega List of jobs  –  it’s totally free and the link is in the description box below).

But back to get clarity, because there are so many options and opportunities you can do from home, it’s important you decide up front which types of jobs or job you’re pursuing. And from there, only focus on locating companies and job leads that match. This will keep you focused and from going into too many different directions.

Step 2- Get your Materials

Nothing stops a would-be remote worker in their tracks quicker than a poorly crafted resume and cover letter.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing 1000s of resumes and cover letters, and there are some common mistakes I see job seekers make time and time again.

If you’ve never taken time to learn how to properly craft a resume and cover letter for these modern times or learned how to properly tailor your resume – NOT KEYWORD STUFF; I repeat keyword stuffing is a no-go – then you’re missing out on opportunities. That doesn’t have to be your situation.

Resumes and cover letters frighten remote job seekers because what does a company want to see and how do you stand out among the crowd compared to the other applicants.

The good news is I’ve done the heavy lifting and figured out a simple way to not only create resumes and cover letters swiftly, but to tailor them to the job, and make you dazzle in a sea of applicants. And I can show you how to do this as well.

And it’s necessary you learn this skill because in 2023 and beyond, it’s only getting more competitive with companies going completely remote and opening up their workforce globally.

Step 3 – Get Going

Once you have clarity on what you want to do from home and you’ve learned the skill of creating custom resumes and cover letters, it’s time to get going and apply!

Literally everyday, I get comments from people saying “Delilah, I’ve applied to 30 jobs and nothing!”

Secretly, I’m like good, apply to 30 more!

I think it’s helpful to know what to expect when you’re getting into something, and you should expect to put in a ton of applications if you want to get hired sooner than later.

Think of it as probability – the more applications you have floating around the more likely you are to get a call back for the next step.

It’s a numbers game. And if you want to get hired asap, you need to treat applying for a job like it’s a job.

I remember when I was looking for my remote job, I would wake up early in the morning, make breakfast, and apply to jobs all day. I’d refresh the career pages and look at all the job boards. I wasn’t on the job search for long at all. In fact, it took about a month for me to get hired after I got clarity and made up my mind that I wanted a new job . I got hired to be an online SAT/ACT tutor. And from the time I applied to that job and had a signed offer in hand, it was only 7 days. So, the process moved fast. And if you want the process for getting hired to work from home to move fast for you, then take my advice!

Now, if you’ve gotten to the end of this article and you’re interested in getting hired to work from home and ditching your commute once and for all, then you’ll want to watch my free Ready To Work From Home workshop. This is a free 60-minute workshop where I’ll teach you how you can get started in your very own remote career. If you want to sign up, click HERE to register and you’ll have instant access to watch it. There’s a lot of helpful info discussed in the workshop, so be sure to take notes! 📝

Your WFH Coach,

Delilah B.