6 Part-Time Online Jobs You’ll Actually Enjoy Doing! Make $420 Per Week!

Looking for part-time work from home jobs? Want to make money online part-time from the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be? If so, you’ll love this article because I’ll share 6 part-time online jobs!

You can earn over $420 per week with these remote jobs. This list includes companies that allow you to work anywhere as well as no experience friendly jobs. Read through the whole article for details and then apply ASAP!

NOTE: The leads shared in this article may not be open at the time you read this. That’s ok! Just bookmark the companies’ careers pages and check back often.


Starting off with number one is MODSQUAD!

MODSQUAD offers a number of roles. They offer phone-based as well as non phone-based opportunities. The position I’m telling you guys about is one that I have posted in the past and this is for their Ticket Customer Support role. This role paid between $9 and $13 per hour as do all of their positions you’re going to find them in.

MODSQUAD is a contractor company so no benefits are involved; however, they are flexible and allow you to make your own schedule! A number of their roles actually offer 24/7 hours. Some of the leads will tell you that they’re looking for folks to fill specific shifts during that 24 hours so you want to be aware of that.In that customer support position that I shared in the past, that role was part time and they were looking for people to work 20 hours per week! They were also looking for people to fill the evening hours from 8AM to 2AM pacific time. And in that role, you would assist customers with subscription cancellations, refunds, password resets, and newsletter inquiries!

This is an awesome part-time opportunity and if they don’t have this specific position listed, they are always going to have something listed and like what I’ve mentioned, they have a mix between phone-based and non phone-based opportunities! All of them allow you to make your own schedule and they all pay between $9 and $13 per hour so definitely check out MODSQUAD!


Number two on this list is an insurance company called Nationwide!

Nationwide has an Insurance Services Representative position that pays $21 per hour! And in that part-time role which they also offer a full-time version of.

What you will do is you will conduct intake for first notice of loss from policyholders, claimants and others. You only need one (1) year of customer service experience and the company at the time that I last shared it was offering a two thousand dollar ($2,000) sign on bonus! I’m not sure if they’re still offering that but they did, which is great! 

They also offer great benefits and I will also tell you that insurance companies in general have some of the best benefits, hands down. So if you are looking for a part-time role, check out Nationwide as they may have this insurance services representative position available!

And if not, at least you know that they do offer it and can just check back and see if they have opened up availability for that post!


Number three is a healthcare company called Sharecare. Sharecare has a part-time ROI Medical Records Specialist position that pays $16 per hour! In this non-phone, part-time role, (yes, non-phone), you’ll be responsible for processing all release of information requests in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring accuracy and providing customers with the highest quality product and customer service!

This role is also available, U.S.-wide and as I mentioned, it is NON-PHONE and PART-TIME! If those are two of your favorite things, then definitely check out sharecare!


Number four on this list is another insurance company called Mutual of Omaha!

They have a part-time, Customer Care Analyst position that pays $16 per hour! And in that part-time role, you’ll quickly assess each customer’s needs, research a variety of outcomes, and provide real-time solutions. They offer paid training and if interested, they also offer a full-time version of this position!

The hours are from Monday to Friday, so if you like your weekends, then you can do this part-time role during the week and keep your weekends free!

So definitely check out Mutual of Omaha because they offer part-time roles that you’ll actually enjoy doing!


Number five on this list is another contractor company called Working Solutions!

Working solutions offer a number of different clients and opportunities that you can do part-time. You can earn up to about $19 per hour depending on the role!

Some of their positions will give you a stipend after you learn how to do the role. It’s kind of like paid training but it’s not necessarily called that, it’s just like a one-time stipend after that fact.  

If you are interested in Working Solutions, you do get the benefit of making your own schedule so it’s really flexible, and I will give you a tip, you don’t even need a resume! You don’t need a resume to apply since there will be an area where you can submit it but it’s not important, okay?

I’ve shared a lead from a company that goes through their entire application process just so you can see what it looks like. I’m pretty sure that role has closed because it’s seasonal; however, if you do want to take a look at me going through their careers area and how to sort of bypass all that, check out this video and you use it just for the purpose of seeing me talk about that portion. The important part of the application process with Working Solutions is the assessment. Don’t worry about submitting a resume, it’s a resume free kind of thing, but you do have to pass that assessment and it is a one and done type of situation. So if you don’t pass it, I’m so sorry! But if you do pass it, congratulations and you can be on your way to working part-time from home!


Last, but certainly not least on this list is a mortgage company called, Loan Depot!

They have a Customer Lending Representative position that is weekend only and it pays $19 per hour! In that part-time role, you’ll be the first point of contact for the company’s customers who are searching for the best product that fits their needs. 

They offer great benefits and are available U.S.-wide. I’ve also seen that they offer a couple of schedules. At least in the past they offered things like Saturday and Sunday, and they offered kind of like Friday – Saturday – Sunday and I want to say Monday type of schedule too. It’s mostly weekend based.

If you’re someone who wants to work part-time on the weekends, then you’ll definitely want to check out Loan Depot and see what kind of schedules they have available, but at least you know they hire part-time and that’s what’s most important!

So, there you have it! Our six part-time online jobs that you’ll actually enjoy doing! I told you guys, I don’t like playing games! I want to get paid and I want to be at home, and I want to work for a legitimate company. If that sounds like you, then you definitely want to check out all of these companies on this list!

These are companies that have part-time roles and we saw some that are flexible, you can choose your own hours, they have late hours, they also have weekend roles as well as during the week roles, so there’s a little something for everybody!

Which of these companies are you going to check out and if you have any experience with them and tips, please do share! 

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Thank you so much for reading all throughout this article and I truly hope this has been helpful and I will talk to you soon. Bye!