Top Five Tips for Being Successful in Client Certification Training

I’m going to teach you how to get through the class successfully. In addition, I will share with you a “secret “or information that you won’t easily find because people are too embarrassed to talk about it. Unfortunately, many people never make it through the certification class. There are no guarantees with Arise, just because you paid money doesn’t mean that you are going to make it through the certification. There are different ways that people get eliminated in training and they never move on to the next steps. 

It takes mental and time commitment to be successful in the training. 

How to pass Arise Certification

  1. Show up to class and on time

Your attendance matters. My instructor would take a screenshot of everyone in attendance at the beginning and every so often. People don’t make it through certification because they don’t show up in class. The expectation is that you show up in every class. When you are choosing a client, choose one that you can actually attend all the classes. Otherwise you run the risk of being kicked out because you did not show up.

Classes start promptly, and therefore you should show up on time to avoid the risk of missing out on important information. 

You have to attend class on a computer with a USB headset and not on a phone or tablet. The class is very interactive and you need to be able to participate. The only way to get your audio working is through a USB headset. There is the option to call in on your phone for the audio but you still have to be attending class on your computer. They will know if you are attending via phone because next to your name will be a phone icon. Just make sure that you are prepared to attend classes via your computer.

  1. Take notes

Note taking is important because it’s a lot of information that will guide you when doing homework, quizzes and assessment. You will have to take a lot of notes. I suggest that you buy a fresh notebook that is dedicated to just a particular client so that all your notes can be in one place for ease of reference. The notes will make the homework and quizzes easier. You can also make service aids, your own standard operating procedures that will easily be available to you. Service aids are important especially when you are new to avoid forgetting and are just within reach.

Write down everything and you will be glad that you did it. 

  1. Do your assignments on time

It’s very easy to get behind as every day you have class you will also have homework. The homework will take you 30 minutes to an hour or a little bit longer. The assignment requires paying attention, writing down a lot of notes and thinking through the questions as they can get tricky. 

Avoid waiting until the weekend to do your homework as you can easily get behind and find it cumbersome leading to giving up along the way or getting eliminated from the certification. It’s too much work to do in one sitting. There’s a point that all your homework has to be handed in and if you haven’t done it, you are done.

You will be required to do assessments that have 20 questions and you can only do 3 attempts. You have to get a score of 80% and above in order to pass. It will be easy for you if you have been taking great notes as the questions are very tricky. If you don’t pass in those 3 attempts you will be eliminated from the training.

  1. Ask Questions

If you are not clear about anything, ask questions. Make the instructor teach you since there will be some statements that you would not be clear about. You need to be able to know the ins and outs in order to service that particular client.

They expect you to know everything that you need to know during this training. They don’t want you to be unclear about stuff when you get into the nesting phase. If you are not clear about stuff during the nesting phase you might get eliminated. Therefore, don’t be ashamed to ask questions if you need to understand more because you paid for the training after all. 

Make sure that you get the details of things that could come up because not all things might get addressed even though they do try to cover everything. Get access to the knowledge base and go through the different articles to understand what each point is explaining. If you don’t understand, ask questions in class. If it’s in the knowledge base, you need to know how to do it. Remember that you are in charge of your ability to service and you are the only one that is concerned about your success and not anybody else.

  1. Practice in the system

Make sure that you are able to do what you are learning in class outside the class environment. Go through the steps until you are comfortable.  There are many logins required and you need to master all of them. In my case, I had to practice logging into the systems a couple of times. If you are servicing a client and there’s a sign up or enrollment process, you need to practice that too. Even if you will spend a lot of time doing that in class, you will be a lot more confident when you are doing it by yourself outside class.

There are training rooms available where you can meet up with your classmates. This helps in discussing detailed stuff and practicing with them.

My Take

I learnt that I had to pay attention and it wasn’t as easy as I had thought but required a lot of input. There’s a lot of information that sure makes it challenging. It’s not anything that you can’t grasp since anyone can learn how to do this stuff. The idea is to learn how to do it within the timeline that you have been given.