vs. vs. Working

These are three popular call center companies that you can do work for Fortune 500 companies. 

Independent Contractor

In all the three platforms, you will be considered as an independent contractor. You are someone that owns your business since you don’t work for any of these clients. You are providing services to them like a business to business transaction. 

When it comes to your pay, you get all your pay upfront without tax deductions. I recommend that you set aside some money for paying taxes because you are responsible for the taxes only that you don’t pay upfront but pay later.


With Arise, there’s no assessment when you sign up, same as LiveOps. But Working Solutions had an assessment which took me about 40 minutes. It was really simple consisting of a typing test, grammar, memorization etc. It was more lengthy than challenging and you get only one chance to do it.

Background and Drug Testing

For Arise, they do require a background and drug test but they do it for free. Once you enter the information on the website, they direct you to the nearest center where you can do a drug test for free. 

For Liveops, they require a background and drug test but you will pay about $65 for it.

Working solutions don’t ask for background and drug tests.


On the Arise platform, you will see a list of opportunities to choose from. You will have to pay to access them for anything from $10 to $100. It’s up to you to choose which opportunity you would like.  The requirement to pay to start working is a turnoff to a lot of people. They think that it’s a scam but it’s not. It somehow makes sense since they offer a relatively easy platform to get started on, and they don’t want to waste their resources and time on candidates that are not really serious. There’s no better way to tell if someone is serious about their professional development than to have them invest in it. 

Arise offers an opportunity where you can have a business opportunity with people working under you. Whatever the case, you will always be considered as an independent contractor. 

With LiveOps, there is no fee when choosing opportunities. You will see the different opportunities and once you are done with the background check, they will get in touch with you to proceed to the next step.

With Working Solutions, there’s no fee and you get to choose the opportunity. A slight difference with Liveops and Working Solutions is that they get to choose you upfront whereas with Arise you choose the opportunity. Sometimes there’s an assessment with individual opportunities and those are really simple and you just get to pay for the class and move one. LiveOps and Working Solutions have a screening process but with Arise the screening process is the assessment.  Liveops and Working Solutions you will either have to do a short interview with someone on the phone or they would need to approve your application.

Make your schedule

You get to make your own schedule on all the three platforms. That means that you get to have more flexibility with work. If you already have another job like a 9-5 job, this presents an opportunity where you get where you fit in with your schedule. They have weekend opportunities and night time opportunities. It just depends on the client and with the information that they provide. These are great for those who want additional income. There are many people who do this full time because you can make your schedule and don’t have to worry about other tasks since you will have time to do them. 


With Arise, you get paid by the hour, or rather 30 minutes blocks with guaranteed pay.

With LiveOps you get paid by the minute.

With Working Solutions you get paid by the minute as well or as by the hour depending on the opportunities. For example, a client would pay you by the minute but should you not be on the phone for whatever amount of time you get a guaranteed amount per hour.

Personally, I like to be able to plan for my income and bills and if I know I’m going to make a certain amount per hour, then I can go ahead and make decisions. However, it’s challenging to plan with per minute pay like in LiveOps as they base calls on performance. You’ve got to perform really well to keep those calls coming and to keep making money.

For a lot of the clients you can’t get a break between the calls even though sometimes you might have downtime but you have to schedule yourself for that time. For example, if you scheduled yourself between 10 am to 12 noon, with Arise you have got the pay per hour but with LiveOps and Working solutions, it’s not a guarantee as it’s dependent on the number of calls per minute. Even when you don’t have any calls at that time, you still need to be available at the scheduled time.

With Arise, you get paid twice a month; however, they deduct some fees of $20 per paycheck for using the platform. For Liveops and Working Solutions you get paid twice a month and there are no fees.

There are many other work from home opportunities but we’ve looked at these three because of their popularity. They are great for part time and night time schedules. With the above information, hopefully you would be able to make an informed decision as you choose where to work.