Where to Find the Best Work-from-Home Data Entry Jobs (With Great Pay and Benefits!)

Are you someone who doesn’t like talking on the phone? Do you want to work from home part-time or full-time with a really great company, with benefits and good pay, and not have to talk on a phone? If that sounds good to you, then you’ll want to know more about these three data entry work-from-home jobs (in no particular order).

But first, what is a data entry job? It entails entering text or other data into a computer. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Data entry workers are expected to add, verify, and edit electronic data. Data may vary—minutes of meetings, telephone conversations, physician notes, databases, recordings, sales figures, and more! In this sense, data entry jobs come in different occupations that may interest you, such as a typist, coder, transcriber, and word processor.

All the same, data entry work requires certain skills and qualities regardless of the industry. Expected skills may include the ability to read, write, and proofread; admirable typing speed; knowledge in computer programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word; and the ability to communicate clearly with your employer. On the other hand, employers often look for individuals who are organized, self-motivated, and deadline- and detail-oriented. Entry level data entry jobs are abundant across the U.S., as you can find so many businesses looking to hire additional people to make their processes more efficient. In this article, you’ll love these three online data entry jobs available in the U.S.—no phone and zero to little experience needed!


You’ve probably heard of Cigna because they are a major healthcare company. And they have a Data Entry Senior Representative position available, which pays between $19 and $29 per hour. That’s a pretty good pay range if you ask me.

The role is a full-time online job where you’ll perform a variety of data entry and verification duties and ensure the accuracy and completeness of enrollment documents.

There are no minimum years of experience specified, but you have to remember that when it comes to data entry, typing and familiarity with several computer programs like Microsoft Excel can be an advantage for you.


Caremetx is looking for a Data Entry Specialist. The work-from-home job pays $19 per hour. This is a rare remote work lead due to the actual experience requirements—it only requires one to two years of general customer service or healthcare experience.

The job would require someone to maintain effective systems, log information into appropriate databases, and distribute reports daily, among others.

This is recommendable for you if you have never had data entry work but have healthcare experience.


The Healthmark Group is looking for someone to fill in the role of Quality Control Specialist. It pays between $14 and $16 per hour. The company didn’t specify the minimum number of years required, but it provided certain expectations on the skills set—you need to type well and work well under time constraints.

In this non-phone work-from-home job, you’ll be responsible for entering data from various sources into the company computer system for processing and management. A candidate working in data entry will need to efficiently manage a large amount of information that is often sensitive or confidential.

Here’s a job search tip for you…

Did you notice that they are all in the healthcare industry? This actually forms my job search tip for you—if you want to make a long-term part-time or full-time career in data entry with a company that provides great benefits, look into the healthcare industry.

Healthcare companies have a lot of data that they need to process and sort out. So don’t skip over healthcare companies—they’re actually gold mines—in your search for a work-from-home data entry job. The companies listed above are just some of those looking to fill data entry roles. I have three more companies listed in this video that you may like, so be sure to check out my video below.

Take note that when you head over to the websites of these companies, these data entry jobs may not be available. But these are actual leads I’ve shared in my past YouTube videos. You can leverage the knowledge you learned from this article and from their websites to your advantage. So be sure to check their careers pages for the above roles or other data entry positions.

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