10 Work-From-Home Jobs With NO Experience Needed! | 2021

Are you looking for a no experience work-from-home job? If so, you’re in the right place because I am going to share with you 10 companies that will hire you to work from home with NO EXPERIENCE needed! Plus, I will tell you how much they pay, if they offer benefits, and the type of opportunity they have.

Okay, let’s start!


Easycare or APCO is an administrative company that specializes in helping dealerships manage their vehicle contracts. This company has a customer service role that pays $16 dollars per hour. They also provide benefits and paid training along with full time hours.

So if you are interested in automotives, then definitely check out Easycare also known as APCO.


This is an outdoor company that specializes in boating. They want you to have some type of boating knowledge (I’d Google info about boats if interested, but unfamiliar with boats.) This company pays between $16-$18 per hour. Also, they provide paid training and benefits. West Marine will also provide you with all equipment. They specify that they’ll hook you up with a laptop and whatever you need to do the job.

So if you’re looking for an outdoorsy type of company, then definitely check out West Marine.

  1. SITEL

Sitel is a contact center that provides outsourced tech support, customer service, and other business processes. This company has an opportunity for customer service that pays $10-$12 per hour. Not just that, they also offer paid training and benefits, holiday pay, and 401k with company match – that’s a big deal because that means free money for your retirement! 

If you’re interested in Sitel, check them out now.


Similar to Sitel, Conduent is also a contact center that offers outsourced tech support and customer service type work. Their opportunity for customer service starts off at $13.50 per hour. They have opportunities available in both the United States and Canada. They also offer paid training, benefits, and time off.

If you’re interested in customer service or tech support type work, visit Conduent now!


This company offers tech support and customer service opportunities in a bunch of different locations.They pay about $13 per hour with paid training and benefits. A lot of their opportunities are also full-time.

Now, if you think this opportunity is awesome, definitely check out Sutherland.


Alorica is a Business Process and Customer Satisfaction Outsourcing company. They have a customer service opportunity that does not require experience. They pay about $10 per hour for this role. They also offer paid training and benefits and full-time schedules. 

If you are interested, checkout Alorica.


Pearson is a global education company that specializes in classroom technology and textbooks. They have an opportunity for a quality assurance software tester position that pays about $18 per hour. In that role, you will be testing out the software that they build and use for classrooms.

If interested in this role, check out Pearson.


This company is a healthcare talent company. They have an opportunity for a tech support role that pays about $18 per hour. In this role, you will do general tech support for the technology that the company provides.

If you think this opportunity is great, checkout Healthcare Source.


Paycor is a payroll company that offers a customer service opportunity that pays about $15 per hour. This company will provide you paid training and benefits along with full-time schedules.

So if interested in working in Human Resources/payroll, checkout Paycor.


This is a healthcare company that has a customer service opportunity that pays between $10-$15 per hour. They offer paid training and benefits and full-time schedules. Also, they have a couple of different shifts that you can choose from, making them a flexible option. 

Checkout CPSI if you are interested in the healthcare industry.

So now that I’ve shared several no experience opportunities, do you have in mind which opportunities you’d like to apply for? If you’re still undecided, I have a little advice for you. Typically, companies offer about $10-$13 per hour to candidates with no job experience. However, once you have 1-5 years of job experience, you’ll become eligible for higher paying opportunities with online companies. So, be optimistic that you can command higher pay when you work from home. Some no experience jobs do pay really well, but those are the exception, not the rule, and they are a little bit more challenging to find.

If you think you are ready to start your work-from-home journey, then check out these companies and start applying today!