The Benefits of Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Remote Job

In several of my videos on Youtube, you may have noticed how I’ve recommended on multiple occasions that you should set up an account, or maintain one, on the networking site, LinkedIn as it’s an industry standard for all working individuals. Take it from me who has been in the HR industry for several years, you may not be active on social media, but you should be on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is considered the world’s largest professional network on the internet. For someone looking for a remote job, it is the best place to be if you want to make business connections and learn about the latest career news that can help you land your dream online job.

This apt quote I found online says, “Spend your time with the right people.” LinkedIn—whose core objectives include connecting and strengthening professional relationships—can be one of those places with the right people (or, if not, the right resources) to help you advance in your dream to work from home successfully and effectively.

Because LinkedIn is designed for professionals, you will find people—job seekers, recruiters, HR professionals, CEOs, and more—connecting with you in a professional manner. This nurturing of professionalism contributes to making LinkedIn an industry-standard among all career-oriented people.

If you’re intimidated by another social media platform, don’t be. If you’re still unsure about joining LinkedIn, then here are some benefits of using the platform and how it can help you land your dream remote work!

What are these benefits?

1. Display your professional experience and skills

First, to access the features offered by LinkedIn, you have to create a profile or an account. If you already have one, that’s great. For job seekers looking for remote work and are relatively new on LinkedIn, it’s important to note that the platform offers a resume-looking design that can project a summary of your professional experience (of course, for the benefit of recruiters and future employers).

You can decide what to put on your LinkedIn profile as long as it shows your professional experience and skills. This makes it fairly easy for recruiters to know what you did, what you do, and what you dream of doing in terms of remote work.

BONUS TIP: If you are traditionally looking for remote work, such as handing out or sending via email your resume, it pays to have a LinkedIn account included in your contact details because recruiters, especially those extra interested in you, tend to do additional research, and, as a practitioner myself, I know one of their “go-to” places is LinkedIn to verify your professional background. RELATED: Check out one of my recent Youtube videos where I mention LinkedIn as a piece of vital information that should be included in a really good resume.

2. Find the right people in the network and connect with them

Based on your profile, LinkedIn provides recommendations of people you may know—family, friends, classmates, and coworkers—or people who are strangers but are working in the same industry. You can use the search feature to look for people you have heard about or who’ve inspired you and connect with them. People in your network may react to other people’s posts, leading you to profiles of other people who may share the same interests.

There are events you can join in where you can communicate with other participants. You can also participate in conversations, react to posts (I really like the “celebrate” and “support” buttons), subscribe to newsletters, and join groups. Your LinkedIn activities, such as congratulating someone on their promotion or posting content, are reflected on your profile. Because of this, it is recommendable that you stay active on LinkedIn to reassure recruiters of your determination to land your dream remote job.

3. Find a job

And the best benefit of all for people looking for remote work is that you can land your dream job through LinkedIn! Amazing! I know some people who’ve gotten hire from a job post featured on the network.

LinkedIn offers a job search feature where you can apply directly for roles you like, save job searches, and notify your connections that you are looking for remote work. In fact, you can post on your profile and openly announce that you are looking for an online job. But, as your favorite remote work enthusiast, I must advise you to thoroughly fill out your profile first before doing so – you want make sure people see all you offer and connect the dots between you and any open positions available.

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