3 Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Online Job Search (And How To Fix Them)

Why have you not been hired for an online job yet? After sending out hundreds of applications, why are you not getting a response—or, at the very least, an interview? You’ve read stories on your social media network or you’ve heard friends who share the same plight, and then you find yourself nodding in response because your online job search experience almost mirrors theirs.

Then you bombard yourself with questions: Is the job market getting tougher? How can I stand out in the sea of fresh graduates every year? Why are some people I know swiftly hired? What are their tips, tricks, and hacks? What do I lack? What more should I do?

There are two questions you may have missed out—what is it that I’m doing wrong in my online job search and how I can fix it?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. As your favorite remote work enthusiast with my own HR consultancy, who does hiring for remote-first companies, and is involved in the business side of HR—interviewing, selecting, training, and the like—I’m going to give you a few pointers on things that you are possibly doing wrong as well as tips to correct them.

And I can assure you that by fixing these mistakes, you’ll soon get hired for the online job you want.

Mistake #1: You don’t know how to find work-from-home jobs

I noticed how extensive this problem is when I started a short-lived Facebook group in 2020. In this group, we shared job alerts and leads and helped each other out. However, most members just ended up requesting jobs from strangers, showing their lack of know-how on where to go and how to approach their online job search process.

It became apparent that some people relied on other people to do their online job search for them, which is not a good idea because their preferences may be a whole lot different than what others have in mind for them.

How to fix it: Do extensive research and do your own online job search

You can start your extensive research by watching my videos on Youtube. Sometime ago, I made a video on what websites to go to land a high-pay remote job; that may help you.

And as you expand your knowledge about job searches, you will learn to navigate your way online until you land your desired remote job. The important thing here is that you are doing your own online job search—you are taking ownership—saving you from frustrations, disappointments, and regrets when someone else does it for you. After all, this is your future career we’re talking about!

Mistake #2: You are applying sporadically, and for jobs you’re not qualified for

I know from my HR experience that getting hired for remote work can be a numbers game. Since many other people may also be applying for the same online job you like, it can get quite competitive for any given role.

What I’ve also noticed is that many people are submitting applications for online jobs they’re not qualified for because they have this misconception that they’re going to get hired somehow and the company will train them for the job.

How to fix it: Be strategic

Adopt a strategy in your own application process. For example, when I applied for online jobs in the past, I treated it like it was my job. I created a schedule (Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., for example) for applying to as many jobs as I was a good fit for. My efforts paid off because I landed several interviews after just a week or so. So you may want to apply more often. Not applying enough may be one of the reasons you have not been hired yet.

I recommend that you apply for the jobs you’re qualified for. You need to meet a company’s set of minimum requirements to even have a chance of getting your application a second look. Yes, companies train new employees, but they were hired because they have the foundational skills needed for the job; the training often focuses on how things are done within the company.

Mistake #3:  You’re applying with the same generic resume for all the online jobs you apply to

It still surprises me to receive applications and resumes that show how job seekers have not fully read the details on the “Now Hiring” posts of the companies they’ve applied to. They end up sending the same generic resume to all companies, and disregard important areas such as skills, years of experience, and education.

How to fix it: Customize your resume per application

If you want to stand out in the job market, you have to express your sincere interest on your resume and cover letter. To show this interest, it is important that you customize your resume and cover letter per application.

I know, I know, the customization process can be tedious for you, but doing this will immediately communicate to the hiring manager your determination to get the job. I guarantee that projecting your personal brand, skills, and experience in your resume will soon pay off!

To start customizing your resume, you might want to check out my professional tips to successfully write a really good resume. You can check out my video, too! I also created for you the Remote Resume Builder Software to make resume customization a whole lot easier and more efficient for you.

There are more reasons why you haven’t land your desired work-from-home job and, accordingly, more ways to fix them. Which of the mistakes listed here ring true to you? What have you done to fix them?

Good luck in your online job search! As your favorite remote work enthusiast, I’m always rooting for you!